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Friday, September 17, 2010

Im back!

Hello everyone! Sorry I havent posted in a few weeks. My husband and I were on vacation for a few weeks. I dont like to announce on the interenet when we are going away, until we get back home. We had a super time. Took tons of pictures and cant wait to start scrapping them. My husband and I drove out West to visit friend for 10 days and then just took our time coming back home. My wonderful husband  stopped at several scrapbook stores along the way for me to shop in. He also had a surprise for me!!!! He took me to the Mall of America!!!! What an enormous, fun place! PLUS....... They have an Archivers there!! Do I need to say anything else?  LOL
 Our friends we visited live in Colorado. Missi, Ashleigh and I took a whole day to ourselves and scrapbooked. She has the Sure Cuts Alot program on her computer for her Cricut and I got to play with it for a while and YUP....... I loved it!!!!! I made several vinyl projects using the many cool fonts available on it. Ill post some pictures as soon as I can. I also got 4 new cartridges while away too. Cant wait to use them. From my Kitchen, Tie the Knot, Everyday Paper Dolls, and Pagoda.
Well I better go and start unpacking... Yuck!!!! Laundry!!!! Anyone wanna come help?  :)


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