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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello everyone!

I know its been a while since Ive posted anything on here, but rest assured, I have a bunch of stuff to share that Ive been working on lately.
 I recently sold several things to a gift shop locally. Its so neat to walk in and see my work on display for sale. I am having so much creating for the shop.
 Today, I got back from a weekend crop here in my town. It was my first crop that was all weekend long. BOY!, was it fun!!!
I won a few door prizes as well. Awesome! Everyone that knows me will tell you that it takes me forever to do layouts. I like to really think about what I want to put on my layout, then actually putting it together takes me awhile. Well, I got 11 pages and 2 cards done this weekend. I know it doesnt sound like much, but for me, Its great. LOL
I will take some pictures and post them as soon as I can.
 Today was also the monthly ATC swap that I am in. The theme was breast cancer awareness. they were all so amazing. The group of ladies that are in the swap are so talented. Im so tickled that they allow me to be a part of the group.
Here are a few things that Ive made lately.....

This is a gift card like the ones that I created and made for the gift shop. I made them in Palmetto blue, Carolina and Clemson colors, and a fun Pink and black. They are 3x3 and come with envelopes.

These are some cards I made at my local scrapbook store, Scrap, Stamp, Ink. They were a make and take celebrating National Cardmaking Day. These are A2 size.
This was alot of fun. I went to a Friday night crop at Scrap, Stamp, Ink, and we were given a bag that had several items in them that didnt match anything. We had to make an ATC card out of the supplies in the bags we recieved. we were able to used other items as well, but everything in the bag had to used. With a little spritz, ink, embossing powder and alot of imagination, this is what I came up with.
These are some mini crocheted flowers I made. I saw several pictures on here that had them on layouts and cards. I havent crocheted in years, but thought I would break out the old hook and give them a try. I really like them. I even used several on a layout this weekend at the crop.
  Well, let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!!!


  1. WOW! I knew you were good, but these are AWESOME! You are good, girly very good! Love the card with the blue flower!

    11 pages? Is that your record? And they were all fantastic! Enjoy your wins!

  2. The crochet doilies are so cool!! I wish I could crochet. It's the one hobby I tried and totally couldn't master it, so I had to put it up on focus on what I could do instead. I think they are great.

  3. Yes 11 is my record. lol Never have been a speedy scrapbooker. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Shelley. They are alot of fun to make.